Ask federal candidates standing in your electorate to pledge their support to Make Aged Care Fair

People diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) when aged 65 or over are not entitled to an NDIS plan and are forced to rely on Aged Care for their care and support needs.

The level of care and support available through Aged Care is significantly lower than the NDIS and eligibility is subject to available Government funding.This lack in provision has led to many people with MND being pushed into financial hardship or residential aged care earlier than they wish, with many others added to a long waiting list for a Home Care Package or assigned a lower level package that does not meet their needs.

It is not fair that people diagnosed with MND later in life don't have access to the right care and support simply because of their age. That’s why we are calling on federal election candidates to sign the pledge to Make Aged Care Fair.

Join the campaign and ask federal candidates in your electorate to pledge to support people living with MND and Make Aged Care Fair.

Complete the form above and follow the instructions to send an email to federal candidates in your electorate.